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CPB Begins: Brew Kits of 2015

Not too long after we moved into our house, our friend Nick asked if he could store a bunch of homebrew equipment in our basement. We said OK, but he had to let us use it (and show us how).

We started off with brew kits. Here’s what we made in 2015:

These were all extract kits that yielded around 5 gallons. We bottled all of these.

Brewdolph and Saison de Noel were tolerable enough to give out as gifts for Christmas that year!

I’m writing this in January 2019, and we still have a few bottles of “The Pump” downstairs. Turns out 5 gallons of pumpkin beer is about 4.75 too many gallons of pumpkin beer for autumn, but that one actually seems to be getting better with age (so far anyways).

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