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Game-changer! Homebrew Con Minneapolis 2017

Jacqui’s brother Eli is an extremely good homebrewer, and he let us tag along with him at the American Homebrewers Association’s annual Homebrew Con in June of 2017 here in Minneapolis.

Homebrew Con was absolutely educational, but it’s also a 3 day bender since most of these educational sessions involved drinking beer, the exhibit hall is full of free beer (and samples of brewing supplies), and the nighttime events were all about tasting even more beers.

Going to Homebrew Con was a great time, and it inspired us to try harder at brewing. More science!

The day after Homebrew Con, we brewed a Raspberry Wheat beer kit, but we swapped out the hops from the kit with Comet hops (we’d picked up a ton of samples of those).

We named the 4 wheat beer variations after the Golden Girls, as one does:

  • Dorothy: No flavor additions.
  • Rose: Raspberry flavor addition from the kit
  • Blanche: Orange flavor addition (Homebrew Con samples, I forget the brand)
  • Sophia: This one is “aging” in the basement, we’ll try it in 2019 sometime (I don’t think you’re really supposed to age wheat beers but ah well).

Original gravity 1.05 / FG 1.02