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the most unattractive beer we’ve made (yet)

Our favorite neighborhood brewery, Fair State Co-Op, did a wort giveaway for member-owners. They gave us 5 gallons of wort (unfermented beer), and we got to take that home to ferment and enjoy. Just add yeast, keep the yeast happy, and keg it a few weeks later! Easy, right?

Theirs was a hoppy wheat beer that was eventually sold at the taproom as Member Design #3.

Ours had pretty good flavor… but it turned out kinda gray for some reason.

two beers in pint glasses
Left: a normal beer. Right: our weirdo gray beer

Yeast: Wyeast 3944 Belgian Witbier
Original gravity 1.044 / FG 1.019

Update: A few months later, this has started to look a little better:

Pint glass full of beer